Welcome to The uSAP Community!

Association of SAP-Supported Organization of the Philippines, Inc. or simply called as uSAP, is an
independent , non-profit organization created to serve its member companies.

A Venue to Communicate

We address the community’s needs and concerns about specific issues and provide a forum to share
knowledge, best practice and expertise with industry peers.

Gathering of Experts

Our members are professionals with varied skills and experience levels. They represent various
organization, from small businesses, to global corporations and to distinguished universities.

An Influential Voice

We are the influential voice on SAP products, services in the marketplace and in product development.
We take part in making the right decisions for the best possible outcomes.

uSAP : Enriching Value Through Collaboration

Growing The Community

We bring SAP users together and create synergy among our members. You will be able to connect and build
relationships with a diverse set of professionals in the SAP ecosystem. By joining uSAP, you create new
opportunities to advance your career and improve your business.


Leadership is one of the true strengths of uSAP. Through a group of dedicated individuals that make up the elected
board, the voice of our members, their contributions, and collaborative efforts benefit all our members. In 2013, the
biggest goal is building an operational secretariat that will be involved in shaping the uSAP community.

Creating Relevance

At uSAP , we value the close relations we have with SAP. We are an independent voice but our partnership with
SAP involves being a trusted advisor and organizer of educational events. We are also partners in programs that
strengthen the skills and knowledge of our members. We are an important voice that SAP listens to, it supports our
goals and provides a platform for our members to share best practices.