Alfredo E. Reyes

“Having worked on separate modules/systems and their attendant interfaces such as Sales and Distribution and Accounts Receivable and then suddenly getting all-in-one system, the first ever ERP SAP R/3, was a revelation. It was like suddenly working in IT heaven after having experienced hell. No need to reconcile data between different systems, having the data in real time, and having one single system close dates throughout the company were some of the advantages brought about.”

“I do expect that uSAP will give user companies a voice on how SAP should support users; how SAP should price license fees and allow integration into other modules; how users can take advantage of new overlays - SAP Fiori; how user companies can better leverage BA.”

Alfredo E. Reyes is with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Inc as an IT Manager since April 2011. He has been in corporate for over 28 years and has been handling IT managerial positions for 20 years. He has held positions in various companies including North Gate Arinso (NGA) and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. (PSPC).