Welcome to The uSAP Community!

The uSAP Board of Directors is tasked to represent the SAP community

The Leadership gives the direction of the organization and they work closely with SAP to identify new opportunities and areas for growth.

The goal of the board members is to provide programs that will help SAP users deal with the growing demands of globalization, increase productivity in the business of its members, network, and allow them to find a niche in the community.

Aside from the benefits that regular members receive, there are several events held throughout the year including plenary sessions, focused-group discussions, fun activities, SAP technology sessions,

Message of Uly Naguit, uSAP President

We are happy to welcome you to our community!

uSAP is a mission-based community organized to serve its member companies.
We aim to be the association of SAP Professionals that everyone desires to join.
Whether you are of a small, medium or large business enterprise, we seek to provide a
venue that will help maximize the return to your company’s investment in SAP by ways of:

  • Providing access to the latest SAP business information & develop new skills before others
  • Taking advantage of professional development opportunities through SAP events that seek to broaden industry knowledge
  • Networking with fellow SAP professionals, industry experts or inspiring people to exchange ideas & develop new capabilities relevant to your needs
  • Creating a collective voice to communicate with SAP its current & future design to better meet the needs of member companies
If you want to get connected with other member companies, come together for
collaboration and share insights and best practices for the benefit of the whole community.
Together, with the uSAP Board, we can build a well-connected user group
that can make a difference in our respective workplaces and IT community.

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