Suzelyn Urbano

“SAP ERP is the main system Eton is using and it integrates the processes of all the major operating groups of the company, from Project Planning, Project Execution, Pre-Selling, Sales, Leasing, Financial Accounting and Management Reporting.  It provides transparency, efficient processing, and effective reporting for the whole organization as well as management.”

“I am excited to be part of this organization, because I am hoping that we will be able to bring the users of SAP closer to each other.  To have a venue where we will be able to share experiences, learnings, and successes – and eventually regain that pride in being a User of SAP.”

Suzy Urbano has been with Eton Properties Philippines since November 2013 as Vice President for Information Technology. She was with SAP Philippines for 10 years and has held positions in various companies including Coca-Bottlers Philippines and SGV & Company.